Vision & Mission

Vision: Afghan Swiss Medical Higher Educational Institute is eager to turn into one of the leading, prestigious and well-known educational institutions nationally and internationally. We create an excellent educational environment for learning, teaching and research in the fields of medicine to serve the society.   موسسه تحصیلات عالی طبی افغان سویس می خواهد به یک نهاد تحصیلی شناخته شده ملی و بین المللی تبدیل گردیده ، زمینه آموزش بهتر را مساعد ساخته و مصدر خدمت به جامعه گردد. The best way to write a top-quality essay is to hire a professional essay writer. An experienced essayist is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. These are a few advantages to hiring an expert to write your essay. You will receive your order on time and complete confidentiality. You can count on them to be dependable in answering your queries and concerns. If you have an essay due you should consider it a good suggestion to locate an experienced essayist ahead of time.

Mission: Afghan Swiss Medical Higher Educational Institute has a mission statement to transfer its knowledge and world experience generously and equally to our young generation to work for national interest and provide quality medical services. موسسه تحصیلات عالی طبی افغان سویس ماموریت دارد تا نسل جوان کشور را با استفاده از اندوخته های علمی و تجارب جهانی به نفع کشور در راستای عرضه خدمات باکیفیت صحی تربیه نماید.

Afghan Swiss Medical


Afghan Swiss University

Afghan Swiss Medical Institute of Higher Education is a private university of Afghanistan establish in 1391 in Kabul Afghanistan by ownership. Afghan Swiss Medical Institute of Higher Education is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan. And its academic business units were accredited by the ISO 9001-2008 as of- July /22/2016. Over the years, the Institute has developed a unique environment and infrastructure that can deliver medical education and healthcare services of truly global standards. If you are a k...

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Curative faculty

Curative faculty Including 7 years (14 semesters) 1 year PCB 5 years lectures 1 year practical period Before deciding on the writing service you will employ, you should take into consideration a number of aspects. Reliability of the services' writing do my essay reviews is one of them. Reviews published on review platforms are usu...

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Stomatology Faculty

Stomatology faculty; Including 6 years (12 semesters) 1 year PCB 4 years lecture 1 year practical period It doesn't take the most brilliant person to be able to compose a college essay. A majority of students in college have faced the exact same thing. It's eight o'clock in morning and you're best writing services not certain what...

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Facilities: Standard curriculum Equipped library Equipped teaching hospital Cafeteria Green zone Parking ...

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